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Optimise critical path | Crane utilisation & efficiency | Delivery prioritisation

Optimise critical path, crane lifts & deliveries

Lead decks optimise delivery, scheduling & planning across the critical path in real time.

Crane lifts Improve crane efficiency by linking crane utilisation to lead deck cycles automatically

Delivery Zones Improve logistics planning by linking deliveries with lifting data

Planned vs Actual

We drive construction efficiency by modelling project progress against plan with actual site data that we capture automatically. 

BuildAI gives you the insights and notifications to keep projects on track saving time and money. Our easy to use cloud based software will pay for itself within weeks with our predictive Artificial Intelligence engine.

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Quality Assurance & Safety Compliance

BuildAI Captures as-built construction data that provides quality control assurance and accurate evidence of the structure, sequence and edge protection. Edge protection & out of sequence activities impact safety. BuildAI monitors screens and program sequence to help sites stay safe

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BuildAI Head Office

Bay 6 Middlemiss Street, Lavender Bay NSW, 2060

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BuildAI can help your business reduce costs, improve critical path productivity and gain maximum efficiency from cranes and deliveries.

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About BuildAI

BuildAI uses advanced AI technology to improve construction efficiency. BuildAI combines years of AI computer vision research & development with decades of experience in construction and commercial environments.

Our core technology was developed from leading Australian universities, and now commercialised by a team of highly experienced data scientists and computer vision experts. Our team has worked for firms including Google, ANZ, Daimler Benz and numerous Tier 1 construction companies. 

BuildAI is a construction technology start-up formed in 2018 and headquartered in North Sydney.


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