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About buildAI 

BuildAI uses advanced AI technology to improve construction efficiency. BuildAI combines years of AI computer vision research & development with decades of experience in construction and commercial environments.

Our core technology was developed from leading Australian universities, and now commercialised by a team of highly experienced data scientists and computer vision experts. Our team has worked for firms including Google, ANZ, Daimler Benz and numerous Tier 1 construction companies. 

BuildAI is a construction technology start-up formed in 2018 and headquartered in North Sydney.

Why Now?

Despite the massive technological advancements that we’ve seen in other sectors, the construction industry hasn’t changed much in terms of technology over the last 20 years. Where manufacturing productivity has grown by 3.6 per cent, construction productivity growth is sitting below 1 per cent.

While manufacturing has long been enjoying the benefits of automation and until now hardware and AI wasn't sophisticated enough to respond to the dynamic environment of a construction site. Now, similar to self-driving cars, BuildAI uses cameras to monitor cranes and the movement of materials and workers, and then relays that data to an AI system which crunches the numbers in real-time onto a cloud-based dashboard. 

Team buildAI

BuildAI has assembled the best and brightest minds across technology and construction. Highly experienced engineers and data scientists who have worked for leading companies like Macquarie Bank, ANZ, Waddle, Resmed, HCF, MetLife and Daisee. Combined with construction experts who know the challenges of delivering complex projects coming from decades of working with Tier 1 Contractors  and large scale infrastructure projects.  


We’re passionate and dedicated about making the construction industry safer, increasing confidence around quality and improving efficiency. Everyone on our team is focussed on the service of our clients, gathering data and providing insights from your jobsites to deliver actionable insights to the team focussing on the stuff that matters.

Connected, Productive Work Environments

“Construction is a fragmented field requiring a lot of labour-intensive hours, there is poor communication and a lack of data transparency, leading to the inefficiencies which currently characterise the industry. This current model places incredible stresses on the individuals that work in our industry which is why we wanted to be part of the solution. Those at BuildAI never use technology to replace people’s jobs. Instead, AI is used to provide more connected productive work environments and to give employees flexibility they never had, which means more time with their families”.

Kristian Butcher -  Founder & CEO buildAI


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