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BuildAI Construction Technology - How it works?

With BuildAI you can amplify your teams efforts and get more out of the resources you already have, using AI construction management software. We add sensors to the construction site that capture data and using AI computer vision technology we automate tower construction progress monitoring. Solving the problem of insufficient skilled labor to meet the growing demands of urban development.


BuildAI unlocks the value of your construction site data, providing predictive insights in an easy to use web portal. Our construction software doesn't require training but does provide value straight away. Our services are charged on a subscription basis meaning no large costs up front and no long term commitments - it's up to us to prove our software works and add enormous value to your business.


Teams have complete transparency of the tower structure progress and alerts for any delays - so they can bring projects back on track. We also capture the complete construction process for any Q/A issues or rectification works. Our software also automates reporting like the critical path or delay registers that teams spend days on rather than managing what really matters - delivery of the structure.

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