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How it Works

Optimise construction and logistics efficiency

With BuildAI you can amplify your teams efforts and get more out of the resources you already have, using AI construction management software. We add sensors to the construction site that capture data and using AI computer vision technology we automate construction progress monitoring and provide an as-built BIM model. 

We offer two versions of our product, both drive efficiency and take away mundane tasks while providing actionable insights.


For towers and high-rise above 10 stories, we offer a fully automated progress and delay monitoring in an easy to use software portal that combined with advanced AI techniques offers predictive forecasts based on observed rates of progress that shows trade productivity. It also features Q/A with a complete as-built record for any remediation or post construction analysis. If you have existing site cameras capturing the construction process we can use the footage and provide automated critical path reporting.


For low-rise and horizontal we offer a lower cost alternative that replaces the "building next door camera" Our system provides real time visibility using ultra high resolution close up images of progress, that can be automatically uploaded into other construction software packages, weather delay tracking, automated concrete pour progress monitoring and time lapse sequences and once again if you already have a camera installed we can offer significant value by accessing the construction images to track critical path milestones.


BuildAI unlocks the value of your construction site data, providing predictive insights in an easy to use web portal. Our construction software doesn't require training but does provide value straight away. We use actual construction data and model this against plan. 


Our services are charged on a subscription basis meaning no large costs up front and no long term commitments - it's up to us to prove our software works and add enormous value to your business.


Teams have complete transparency of site progress and alerts for any delays - so they can bring projects back on track. We also capture the structure construction process for any Q/A issues or rectification works and output a BIM model of the critical path to help future projects. BuildAI makes construction efficiency - Simple

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the service?

We use a subscription based model. This means you pay a monthly subscription fee. There is also no long contracts. We believe our software will add value to your business immediately and we work with every client to ensure they maximise value

Will my team need to take time off for a training course?

The good news is that we have built our software to be intuitive and very easy to use. It literally takes minutes to learn but yet gives powerful insights, reports and a library of construction activity for reference

What is your support process?

We are with our clients every step of the way. BuilldAI has our clients front and centre of our business. We will set up regular face to face meetings to ensure our software has the features and insights that your team needs

How long does it take to get set up?

It is a very quick process. We will work with your site engineers to ensure our sensors compliant and are mounted in a secure unobtrusive way. Once that is complete the installation is only a few hours - typically the installation does not affect other workers on site

I have my own cameras tracking construction on site - Can you use those?

Yes! We will use your cameras where possible. We are a software company rather than having a fixed hardware solution we are flexible and can work with most sensors on site. We can incorporate that data into our software and provide insights if the sensors can output suitable quality data and API's. If you have a good quality camera doing time lapse we can use those images in our AI engine and automatically track the critical path and provide insights into improving cycle efficiency