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MEDIA RELEASE: Two of Australia's most innovate companies Join forces

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The Men From Marr’s (Marr Contracting Pty Ltd) have collaborated with tech start-up BuildAI to fast-track artificial intelligence (AI) on work sites and take the construction industry into the future.

In what is the first strategic partnership and significant investment since BuildAI launched in 2019, The Men From Marr’s have taken a minority stake in the start-up and their cranes will be the first in the world to adopt BuildAI technology, a cloud based AI software system that automatically reports construction progress.

The partnership brings together two of the most innovative companies in Australia’s construction industry in what is poised to be a ‘smartphone moment’ that will revolutionise work sites in the same way that apps replaced ATMs and Uber disrupted the taxi industry.

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