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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Covid19 arrived and promptly turned business and the entire world on its head. Operational practices changed overnight and this virus may permanently change how the future of work looks. One example of the changes in the workplace, comes from isolation and bunkering down in our homes. Workers are suddenly becoming adept at video conferencing, which may have a long term effect on air travel, once we are freed from our homes. People may realise the efficiency gains over travel and become reliant on video conferencing to avoid long hours in the air. Online retail is another example, already with significant momentum, will anyone bother returning to crowded department stores again? If Retail is to thrive it must embrace a digital future. What about construction?

With the pandemic forcing Australian companies to adopt a number of remote work technologies, it makes sense that the construction industry, looks for ways to re-think how sites are occupied.

Construction in Australia accounts for 10% of employment and is seen as a critical infrastructure and as I write this is still going strong where other industries and business have been forced to close due to the pandemic. Construction though like other industries should be on the front foot and looking at ways technology can enhance existing practices to reduce risk of an infection, which could shut the site down. BuildAI is one example providing the “Zoom” for construction sites. Our network of sensors on a construction site provide remote monitoring, automatic reporting and image uploads to platforms like ProCore and others which helps keep non-essential workers off the worksite. This lowers risk across the whole site in terms of safety and also lowers the risk of an infection breakout.

The site team can stay connected via a large screen monitor and know what's going on without leaving the site office as regularly as traditional delivery models require.

Jeff Cook - BuildAI

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